This blog, Humidity and Musical Instruments, provides insight regarding the impact humidity has on stringed musical instruments.  Whether you play music as a hobby or for a living, your instruments are highly delicate tools you want to maintain and protect.

How Humidity Affects Instruments

Most stringed instruments are made of wood because of their acoustical properties. Rosewood, spruce, mahogany, koi, etc. all have specific attributes which have been honed over thousands of years to achieve perfect harmony in the creation of guitars, pianos, mandolins, violins, and other stringed instruments.

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The most important factor in protecting a solid wood acoustic guitar, or any string instrument, is the level of humidity in the environment where your instruments are stored.

Wooden musical instruments can suffer from warping, cracking, brittleness, and a much shorter lifespan if not adequately humidified. Not enough humidity can cause the wood to dry out, resulting in shrinkage. Too much humidity can cause it to swell, resulting in sound issues.

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Furthermore, shrinkage causes damage such as broken joints and seams or even cracks in the wood. This results in warpage, intonation issues and potentially hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs.

Humidity And Musical Instruments: Humidification Solutions

One option is a hygrometer, a meteorological tool that precisely measures the amount of humidity in the air, although this tool can be complicated to decipher.

Another alternative is to utilize separate humidifiers and place them in the case of each musical instrument.  Or you can purchase display cases that incorporate individual humidifiers.

A less complicated way to control humidity is with a whole-home humidification system. The simple act of keeping the humidity in your home at an average level will suffice to maintain your musical instruments.

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A whole-home humidification system will easily allow you to maintain humidity at the recommended level of 40% to 50%. It is also important to note experts suggest the temperature for your instruments should be set at approximately 70°.

With the addition of a humidifier, you can protect your instruments. In addition, you will create a comfortable environment for your family, pets, and visitors.  Our rain forest humidification system can be added to your current furnace or new furnace upgrade for a nominal fee and is guaranteed to be a welcome addition to your home comfort system.

For added convenience, you can even select the level of humidity with the touch of a button and be in total control at all times.

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Pro tip-Never attempt to quickly make the shift towards the optimal level. Otherwise, you can put stress on the instrument and end up permanently distorting its sound and quality.

Making gradual adjustments on your humidifier towards the desired humidity level is the safest approach.

Humidity And Musical Instruments: Contact Us

Keeping the wood safe from damage and moisture guarantees your musical instruments will always be in the best condition.

Contact one of our specialists at Allgeier Air today to discuss the benefits of a whole house humidifier for year-round protection. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing you are providing comfort for your family, and your fine musical instruments.  Contact us by calling or texting, 502-244-9999

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