Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get a unit that is environmentally friendly?2023-06-18T18:07:57+00:00

Consider whether the unit is environmentally friendly. Some use refrigerants that don’t harm the ozone layer.

How can I improve the indoor air quality in my home?2023-06-18T18:04:43+00:00

Consider units with good filters for improved air quality, especially if you have allergies or respiratory issues. Some units have features like UV light to kill bacteria and mold, or HEPA filters to remove small particles.

What should I consider in terms of maintenance of my unit?2023-06-18T18:02:20+00:00

Understand the maintenance requirements of the unit. Some may need more frequent filter changes or other maintenance, which can add to the overall cost.

Should I purchase a unit with smart features?2023-06-18T17:59:29+00:00

Some modern units come with smart features like programmable thermostats or compatibility with smart home systems. These features can provide additional convenience and energy savings.

Should I get a warranty?2023-06-18T17:56:01+00:00

Check the warranty details of the AC unit. A good warranty can save you a lot of trouble and expense if something goes wrong.

Are AC units loud?2023-06-18T17:51:49+00:00

Some units can be quite loud when running, which can be disruptive. Check the noise level of the unit before purchasing.

Does climate effect the type of AC system I should choose?2023-06-18T17:48:31+00:00

The climate you live in can influence the type of air conditioner you should choose. For instance, if you live in a humid area, you may want a unit with strong dehumidification capabilities.

What type of AC system should I choose?2023-06-18T17:45:48+00:00

There are different types of AC systems, including central air conditioners, ductless mini-split systems, window units, and portable units. The right one for your home will depend on a variety of factors, such as the size of your home, your cooling needs, and your budget.

What should I consider in terms of brand reputation?2023-06-18T17:42:36+00:00

It’s important to consider the brand’s reputation for quality, reliability, and customer service. Look at reviews and ask for recommendations.

Do I need to hire a professional to install my AC unit?2023-06-18T16:29:22+00:00

Proper installation is crucial for the efficiency and longevity of an AC unit. Hiring a reliable and experienced professional for installation is always recommended.

What should I consider in terms of cost?2023-06-18T16:25:04+00:00

Besides the upfront cost of the unit, consider also the long-term costs. These include the cost of operation, maintenance, and potential repairs. Energy-efficient units may cost more upfront but can save you money in the long run.

What is a SEER rating and why does it matter?2023-06-18T16:21:53+00:00

Look for an air conditioner with a high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy-efficient the unit is, which can save you money on energy bills in the long run.

What size of heating and air conditioning system is best for my home?2023-06-18T16:26:24+00:00

Size is one of the most important factors to consider when buying an air conditioner. A unit that’s too small will struggle to cool your home effectively, while a unit that’s too large will cool your home too quickly without properly dehumidifying it, leading to an uncomfortable environment. A HVAC professional can help calculate the correct size based on your home’s square footage, insulation, number of windows, and other factors.

How often should I change my furnace filter?2021-02-04T16:37:38+00:00

The best practice is to change your furnace filter every 4 to 6 weeks during the heating season. It should be changed at least once a month during air conditioning season. Without a clean filter, your furnace and air conditioning system will waste energy and may even sustain damage.

Does Allgeier Air work on all types of HVAC systems?2021-02-04T16:23:08+00:00

Yes, we perform HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) repair services in Louisville for all types of systems and brands. This includes traditional, geothermal, and radiant floor systems. Text or call us at 502.244.9999 with any HVAC question or if you need advice.

What should I know about installing a new heating or air conditioning system?2021-02-04T16:17:05+00:00

#1: The lowest bid isn’t always the best deal. If you get three bids on a project, and two are close but one is much lower, something strange is probably going on. Extremely low bids often indicate that shoddy, uninsured work will follow. Make sure you’re comfortable not only with the price your contractor bids, but also how well they communicate their plans and progress with you.

#2: Make sure you get a contract. Creating a physical agreement between you and your HVAC contractor is the best way to ensure each party is held accountable. The contract should detail every step of the project, including payment, contractor proof of insurance, estimated date of completion, materials, and a clause that ensures your contractor will get lien releases from any subcontractors or suppliers.

#3: Use someone your friends recommend. All contractors will tell you that they’re the best and that their customer service is superior to their competitors. The only way to know if they’re telling the truth is to ask their past and current customers. Here at Allgeier Air, we’re proud to have positive reviews from past customers posted on such reputable sources as Angie’s List, Google+, Customer Lobby, and the Better Business Bureau.

#4: Ninety percent of your home’s heating and cooling system’s efficiency comes proper design and installation of the system. Ratings such as SEER and EER are only applicable if the system is designed, installed and sealed correctly.

Contact us for heating and air conditioning installation services in Louisville, 502.244.9999.

Should I repair older HVAC equipment or replace it?2021-02-04T16:26:56+00:00

There’s never a good day for your furnace or air conditioner to break down. We don’t even realize how much we rely on these systems to keep our homes safe and comfortable until they’re not available. In your frustration, you may be tempted to just say “rip it out and give me a new one!” but that might not actually be the smartest solution. In some cases, furnaces and air conditioning systems have plenty of life left in them, they just need a moderate repair so that they continue working properly.

On the other hand, technology is advancing so quickly that even a furnace or air conditioner that’s just five or 10 years old might already be horribly outdated as far as efficiency goes. While you might be proud that you haven’t had to replace it yet, you might not realize that it’s slowly costing you hundreds of extra dollars in energy.

The experts at Allgeier Air are always available to answer your question about heating and air conditioning repair. We can assess your current system, diagnose the problem, and make an honest recommendation for repair or replacement.

Contact us for heating and air conditioning repair service and installation in Louisville, 502.244.9999.

Why is my air conditioner blowing warm air/not blowing air at all?2021-02-04T16:40:41+00:00

If your air conditioner is no longer regulating the climate inside your home the way you’d like, there could be a problem with one of its internal, mechanical components. Contact us for air conditioner repair services. 502.244.9999.

Why use geothermal heating and cooling?2021-02-04T16:44:36+00:00

High-efficiency geothermal systems use the energy found beneath the earth’s surface. They combine this stored energy with safe electric power to deliver homeowner’s heating and cooling savings of up to 60 percent. Geothermal costs less to operate and lasts twice as long as a conventional unit. Geothermal uses the earth’s natural energy to heat and cool your home.  By using the earth’s constant temperature the geothermal system does not have to strain to provide comfort for your home. The life expectancy of the geothermal unit is rated 23 years per the Department of Energy.

Contact us for Geothermal systems in Louisville, 502.244.9999.


How does a geothermal heating system work?2021-02-04T16:32:06+00:00

In the summer, the outdoor air is warm, and in the winter, it’s freezing cold. Underground, things aren’t nearly this volatile.  However, just four to six feet below the ground you walk on, the temperature stays constantly moderate all year long thanks to heat from the earth’s core.

Geothermal systems take advantage of this free, constant heat by circulating water below the earth so it can be warmed and bringing it into your home. Once carried into the indoor compression unit in your home, the warm water is then heated to an even hotter temperature and used to regulate the climate within your house. In the summer, a complete reversal of this process replaces the hot air inside your home with cooler, more comfortable air.

Contact us for more about Geothermal systems in Louisville, 502.244.9999.

Why are geothermal heating systems better than gas, electric, or propane-powered systems?2021-02-04T16:49:31+00:00

Geothermal heating and air conditioning systems uses the heat stored underground in rocks and fluids beneath the earth’s crust. With a geothermal heating system, water is forced underground, heated by the earth’s energy, and conducted back up into your home as steam. This energy can then be used for both heating and cooling. This energy is almost entirely emission free, zero carbon, requires no fossil fuels, and is virtually limitless no matter what time of day or what the weather (unlike solar and wind power).

Contact us for Geothermal heating and air conditioning systems in Louisville, 502.244.9999.


Is Geothermal heating and air conditioning safer than traditional systems?2021-02-04T16:52:45+00:00

Yes. Unlike the conventional systems, geothermal does not emit dangerous gases or fumes of any type. There is no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is often a relief to people with young children and pets.


Contact us for Geothermal heating and air conditioning systems in Louisville, 502.244.9999.

Is geothermal energy better for the environment?2021-02-04T16:54:44+00:00

Yes! Unlike HVAC systems that are powered by electricity or fossil fuels, there are no emissions, carbon pollution, or toxic fumes associated with geothermal systems. Also unlike fossil fuels, which are finite, there is a virtually unlimited supply of geothermal energy. If every family in America switched to a geothermal heating and cooling system, they could collectively save several billion dollars annually in energy costs and substantially reduce pollution, according to the U.S. General Accounting Office. Since these systems are recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the most environmentally friendly heating and cooling technology available, it’s a system you can feel good about using.

Contact us for Geothermal heating and air conditioning systems in Louisville, 502.244.9999.

What if I have a problem with my merchant, the loan or your company?2019-11-07T19:21:53+00:00

On behalf of all funding banks participating in the GreenSky® Program, we want to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the GreenSky® Program. If you ever have any concerns that we should be aware of, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We will work on behalf of your lender to try to resolve your concerns in a way that is professional, transparent, and fair.

Why am I getting a billing statement when my project hasn’t started?2019-11-07T19:21:33+00:00

If there is a transaction on your account, it may reflect a down payment or deposit that you authorized, even though your project had not started at the time of the transaction. If there is a transaction on your account that you did not authorize, please contact us immediately at [email protected].

Can I repay my loan with a credit card?2019-11-07T19:21:18+00:00

Unfortunately, we cannot take credit cards as a form of payment for your GreenSky® Program loan.

How much is my payment?2019-11-07T19:21:04+00:00

Your payment is set by the terms and conditions of your loan agreement and is a function of your authorized purchases. Your loan agreement provides you with an estimated repayment schedule that includes the amount of each monthly payment based on full utilization of your credit limit. Keep in mind, however, you are only obligated for the actual payments you authorize to your contractor/merchant.

Each billing statement will identify the transactions on your account, the interest that is being billed to your account, the principal balance, and actual minimum monthly payment due for that billing cycle.

How do I use the online portal?2019-11-07T19:20:47+00:00

Our portal is located at https://greenskyonline.com/greensky/home. Once you register, you can manage your account, view billing statements, and making payments. You can also make a payment without registering.

On the portal, you can make a one-time payment, set up a series of up to six (6) individual payments, or establish recurring auto payments. It’s all designed to make it easy and convenient.

How do I repay my loan?2019-11-07T19:20:32+00:00
You may make a payment online at https://greenskyonline.com/greensky/home, by sending a check to the address on your billing statement, or by calling 866-936-0602 and making a check by phone payment.

When is my payment due?2019-11-07T19:20:10+00:00

We will send you billing statements showing, among other things, transactions on your account, the minimum monthly payment due, and your payment due date. Your payment due date will be the same day of the month every month until you pay off your loan.

I applied for $X, why is my loan amount higher than that?2019-11-07T19:19:54+00:00

We call this “over-accommodation” and it is designed to provide you with the funds you may need for upgrades, cost overruns, etc. We know that home improvement projects can change as they progress. For that reason, the funding banks in the GreenSky® Program have credit rules designed to accommodate the amount you requested and, if you qualify, a buffer above that amount.

Regardless of your approved credit limit, however, you are only obligated for the payments you authorize your contractor/merchant to take from your GreenSky® Program loan account. The additional credit limit is simply a convenience.

What is a “deferred interest” loan? Do I have a 0% interest loan?2019-11-07T19:19:37+00:00

A deferred-interest loan is not a 0% interest loan. We have prepared a reference guide to help you understand your deferred interest loan. Understanding Your Deferred Interest Loan may be found here.

The most important things to understand about a deferred interest loan are:

    1. Your loan includes a “Promotional Period” which is shown in the Truth in Lending Disclosures of your Loan Agreement. This period typically ranges from six (6) to 18 months, but can vary.


    1. During that promotional period, interest is billed to your loan, but you are NOT REQUIRED TO PAY that interest YET.


  1. If you repay the entire purchase balance before the end of the promotional period, all interest billed to your account during the promotional period will be waived. If you do not repay the entire purchase balance before the end of the promotional period, you will be responsible for repaying the interest that was billed to your account during the promotional period and any interest that is subsequently billed to your account.

If you have a deferred interest loan, your monthly billing statement during the promotional period will show you the following information to help you manage your account to avoid paying the deferred interest:

    1. The purchase balance amount to be repaid during the promotional period.


    1. The specific date on which the promotional period expires.


  1. The interest that has been billed to your account.
Do I need to sign my loan agreement?2019-11-07T19:19:15+00:00

The use of your account to pay for a transaction is your electronic signature on your loan agreement. Your electronic signature has the same legal effect as a physical signature but allows you the convenience of transacting when you are ready and not having to return a physical copy of your loan agreement to your lender.

What if I don’t want to use my loan?2019-11-07T19:18:54+00:00

The application and approval processes simply establish a loan offer from the funding bank for qualified borrowers. If you are approved for a loan, you have no obligation on the loan until and unless you use the account to pay for a transaction. If you do not want to use your loan, you may close your account at any time before you authorize a transaction by contacting us at [email protected].

What does my Loan Agreement mean?2019-11-07T19:18:38+00:00

Note: There is no need to physically sign and/or return your Loan Agreement. You accept the terms of and electronically sign the Loan Agreement when you authorize the contractor/merchant to process a transaction on your account. Until (and unless) you authorize a transaction, you have no obligation on your GreenSky® Program loan.

Your Loan Agreement package contains a number of sections. Each section includes vital information about your loan terms, the GreenSky® Program you are participating in, your credit profile, and your lender. Please review each part of your loan agreement package carefully before you authorize your contractor/merchant to process a transaction on your GreenSky® Program account.

The loan agreement package contains the following:

    1. Welcome Letter – Provides basic information about your loan, including the credit limit for which you were approved, the expiration date of your Account Number and how to register in the Self-Service Portal to manage your account and make payments online.


    1. Shopping Pass Account Number – The purpose of the Shopping Pass is to provide you with an access device to make purchases using your GreenSky® Program loan. The Shopping Pass also contains important information about your loan. Once you are ready to authorize your contractor/merchant to process a transaction on your GreenSky® account, simply provide your Merchant with your Account Number, the CVV code, and the expiration date on the Shopping Pass.
      Shopping Pass


    1. Installment Loan Terms – This document has two basic parts:
        1. Truth in Lending Disclosures – These are required by federal consumer lending law and provide you with important information about the costs associated with your loan (the Annual Percentage Rate and the Finance Charge) and your repayment obligations (the Total of Payments and the Payment Schedule). This page also includes other disclosures required by state and federal law.
      1. Terms and Conditions – These describe the lender’s and your obligations if you accept and use the loan. The Terms and Conditions describe, among other things, how your monthly payment is calculated (Promise to Pay), how and when to make payments (Timing and Application of Payments and Payment Method and Address), late payment and returned payment charges (Returned Payment Charge and Late Charge), the definition of “default” and what the lender’s remedies are (Default and Remedies on Default), and the governing law applicable to your loan (Governing Law).


    1. Funding Bank Privacy Notice – This notice is required by federal law and describes your lender’s information sharing policies.


  1. Credit Score Disclosure – This disclosure is required by federal law and provides information related to your credit score, which was used as part of the application decision.

If you have any questions about your loan or the contents of your loan agreement package, you can contact us at [email protected].

I’ve been approved for a loan. Now what?2019-11-07T19:18:00+00:00

Congratulations! First, you will receive an email “Notice of Approval” that includes a link where you can get your Loan Agreement and other materials you will need to use your loan. We will also send you a physical copy of the Loan Agreement in the mail.

I received an email from GreenSky asking for my personal information. Should I provide this information?2019-11-07T19:17:34+00:00

No. We never send emails requesting account information, customer passwords, or log in credentials. Protect your personal information and never click on unsolicited web lines provided in email or other correspondence. If you are unsure about an email you receive from your lender or the GreenSky® Program, please contact us at [email protected].

Is my loan tax deductible?2019-11-07T19:17:17+00:00

We cannot provide you with tax advice. In general, however, GreenSky® Program installment loans are personal loans and are not mortgages that qualify for a home mortgage tax deduction.

Why does my credit report show “GreenSky”? I thought I was applying for credit with my contractor or merchant?2019-11-07T19:17:01+00:00

Credit reporting is made in the GreenSky® Program name to help you identify inquiries and reporting with your GreenSky® Program loan. However, despite the fact that your application was made through the GreenSky® Program, the actual Loan Agreement is between you and the bank that is funding your loan. However, GreenSky will be servicing your loan, so any questions you have should be directed to us.

Is GreenSky a lender? Who is my loan with?2019-11-07T19:16:40+00:00

GreenSky is not a lender. We are a service provider and program administrator for federally insured, federal and state chartered banks that provide consumer loans under the GreenSky® Programs.

As a borrower, you received a loan agreement that identifies the bank that is offering and funding your loan. This loan agreement is between you and the funding bank directly. However, GreenSky services your loan at the direction and control of your lender, so any questions you have should be directed to us.

Who is GreenSky and what does it do?2019-11-07T19:16:16+00:00

The GreenSky® Programs make it easy for contractors to offer affordable financing to customers like you. GreenSky is the servicer for one of the nation’s largest bank lending programs. Banks in the GreenSky® Programs have financed more than one million home improvement projects. We service loans on behalf of more than a dozen leading banks across the nation.

You can think of GreenSky as a link between contractors, their customers and banks. We bring everyone together and simplify the loan process, from application, to decision/approval, to payments.

Tax Credit2019-10-16T16:01:41+00:00

Geothermal Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning Systems Save You Money!

Installing a geothermal heating or cooling system in your home provides access to multiple money-saving strategies.

The average Louisville homeowner who makes the switch to geothermal systems saves 70 percent on heating costs and 50 percent on cooling and hot water. The savings are even higher when you switch to geothermal from propane!

Not only will a geothermal heat pump or air conditioning system save you money in the form of lower heating and cooling costs, but you may also be eligible for attractive tax credits.

In 2005, the Section 25D income tax credit provided a way for homeowners to claim 30 percent of the cost of geothermal installation, up to $2,000. In 2008, the cap was removed from Section 25D allowing claims of over $2,000. Unfortunately, the Residential Energy-Efficient Property Credit expires at the end of 2016. Unless you’ve started work on a geothermal system before December 31, 2016, you will not be able to take advantage of this incredible tax credit.

However, there may still be incentives for installing a geothermal system that you can take advantage of. These incentives include tax credits and rebates that may be available at the state and local levels, as well as from your individual power company.

To learn more about how these incentives can make it even more affordable to install a money-saving geothermal system at your home or business, please contact the geothermal heating and air conditioning experts at Allgeier Air. We’d be happy to assess your property for geothermal installation, explain how geothermal systems work, and provide an estimate for the cost of installing your very own geothermal heat pump.

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