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Peace of mind so you can focus on the important things in life.

A new furnace or air conditioner is a huge investment that deserves protection. Avoiding regular maintenance check-ups means you could face major repairs down the road. Join our Service Maintenance Club and receive:

20% discount on most repairs.
Efficiency evaluation. 
One free service call fee per year.
Priority service.
No overtime service charge on weekends.
Discounted service charge on holidays.
Transfer your plan if you move (within our service area.) 

HVAC maintenance in Louisville to protect your investment.

You perform regular maintenance on your car, right? Maintaining your HVAC system is similar. Choosing to be proactive and maintaining your HVAC equipment will prevent minor issues from becoming major repairs. It also reduces potential breakdowns, extending the life of your investment.
Plus, HVAC manufacturers typically recommend a tune-up at least once per year to keep your warranty in good standing.

Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection to ensure everything is running smoothly. And, if there are any issues, we can have them fixed quickly before they turn into inconvenient and costly repairs.

Think of it as a safety net to keep your AC operating efficiently, save you money, hassle, and unnecessary stress.
We recommend maintenance check-ups for both your heater and AC unit in the Spring. As a Service Club member, you receive numerous perks for a low monthly investment.

HVAC Maintenance 22-point checklist.

Once we do a complete evaluation and inspection of your system, you will receive a written analysis of your system’s current condition including any components which may need to be replaced.

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Below is our 22-point checklist of services performed.

  1. Lubricate all moving parts, including bearings & motor
  2. Check for water residue on or around furnace
  3. Test heat exchanger
  4. Inspect hot surface ignitor
  5. Inspect burners
  6. Inspect flame sensor
  7. Clean and inspect outdoor condenser unit
  8. Check for refrigerant leak
  9. Perform an electronic leak search
  10. Inspect evaporator coil
  11. Inspect blower wheel
  1. Check blower motor
  2. Check airflow
  3. Inspect supply and return air plenums and temperature
  4. Inspect all caps and valves
  5. Evaluate heating temperature
  6. Inspect flue piping/draft
  7. Check line voltage power connections
  8. Check air filter condition, type/size
  9. Inspect the condensate drain; drain pans.
  10. Test thermostat operation
  11. Provide written report of performance and recommendations

AC Maintenance Reviews

“Jeff was our HVAC Service Technician. He was on time & fully prepared to service our systems. Jeff did all the essential resets & walked me through his process. Jeff was clean, organized & professional. Over the years, I’ve been through a bunch of these. He was really thorough. He even cleaned the leaves & debris out of our condensers. My conclusion: Jeff & Allgeier are exceptional.” -CM

“The service professional was polite and explained everything. We’ve used this company for years and have never been dissatisfied. We would highly recommend them. 2021 – We are still so impressed and pleased with the service we get from Allgeier Air. Andrew came to service our system today. He could not have been any more pleasant and competent. Thank you Allgeier for having your technicians wear masks and booties. We appreciate your 5 star service.”   -CC

“Missy just called this morning (like they always do) to schedule a yearly maintenance check. She was so friendly! They come when they say and check everything. Makes me feel more confident about the system! Patrick was a great technician. Was friendly and seemed to really know the work!!”  -SF

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