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Just like a rain forest, your home can have just the right amount of humidity to keep you comfortable this winter. Our Rain Forest Humidification System will help you create the perfect balance of moisture in your home.

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As we transition to winter, your furnace will be running more often, which can cause excess dryness in your home. If your humidity is too low, you’ll be more prone to:

      • Sickness
      • Bloody noses
      • Chapped/split lips
      • Dry eyes
      • Dry and itchy skin
      • Static electricity
      • Shrinkage to wood floors, trim, crown molding
      • Damage to furniture
      • Shrinkage to musical instruments

Humidity and Your Musical Instruments

Most fine instruments are made of wood because of its exceptional acoustical properties. Guitars, pianos, mandolins, violins, etc. are very susceptible to dry conditions. When wood dries out it tends to shrink. Shrinkage causes damage to your musical investment, such as broken joints and seams, or even cracks in the wood. This results in tone or intonation issues, and potentially hundreds of dollars in repairs. To avoid any negative impact, experts report a level in the neighborhood of 40% and 50% is best. This is ideal, since humans prefer this range, also!

Avoiding dry air can also help you recover from the common cold quicker and helps sufferers of asthma or other respiratory conditions breathe easier.

Our whole-house humidifier is designed to help your indoor environment maintain a consistent level of humidity all winter long, so you feel comfortable, no matter the temperature outside. Regulated with the exact amount of humidity needed, a whole-house humidifier works with your current system to humidify the air throughout your home. It is more efficient and easier to maintain than a portable humidifier.

Healthy humidity should be set between 40% and 60%. Adding a humidifier helps you enjoy greater overall health, less stress, better sleep, and a happier family.

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