7 reasons to get a furnace tune-up covers potential issues that could happen if you avoid maintaining your investment.  We understand with your busy lifestyle, a furnace tune-up may be the last thing on your mind. But ignoring the important task of maintaining your heating equipment may cause more headaches — and repairs — in the short term and down the road.

Below are 7 reasons to complete your furnace tune up before the winter weather hits.

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Energy efficiency.

A poorly tuned furnace will cost you more in energy consumption and utility bills as efficiency diminishes.

7 reasons to get a Furnace Tune-up: Furnaces fail under pressure.

At some point, the temperature will drop. If your furnace is ill-equipped to handle it, that’s when it will fail. Don’t let this nightmare become a reality.

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Risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

If your furnace doesn’t burn gas properly, you run the risk of carbon monoxide being produced, which can turn into a dangerous situation for your family.

7 reasons to get a Furnace Tune-up: Breathe easier.

A clean fan and filter will ensure the air you breathe is free from dust and other allergens.  In fact, this is critical for the cold days ahead when you’ll be spending more time indoors.

Quiet operation.

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A finely tuned furnace, like a finely tuned car, will run smoothly.   Consequently, the noise level will be kept at a minimum.

Avoid a major repair.

Regular furnace maintenance will take care of any minor issues, so they don’t evolve into major problems.

7 reasons to get a Furnace Tune-up: Prolong your equipment’s life.

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Tune-ups postpone potential expensive issues and allow you to buy yourself some time before the inevitable replacement. Moreover, keeping your heating equipment running at peak efficiency will keep repairs to a minimum, so you get the most out of your equipment.

Take advantage of our furnace tune-up special.  In fact, you can save now through November 30. Only $98 (value is $128).

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Be proactive and book your furnace maintenance to stay warm this coming winter.

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