End of Summer Sale


Yes, its absolutely true, I am offering you the opportunity to replace your AC unit with a newer, more efficient one for up to 47% less than you would have to pay otherwise.

Rick Allgeier

Founder & CEO of Allgeier Air HVAC

A Win-Win Opportunity

This time of year is typically slow for us, so offering a special helps me minimize my losses and keeps my team busy during this in-between seasonal time.

Therefore, to help both of us, I’ve negotiated with select AC manufacturers to purchase a limited supply of new air conditioning units at a significantly discounted rate. I am also cutting my price to offer these units to you well below my costs.

It’s a win-win for both of us, but this offer only lasts until the select units are gone.

My Offer – Buy An AC Unit Below Cost

I am offering you the opportunity to replace your AC unit with a newer, more efficient one for up to
47% less than you would have to pay otherwise.

Simply replace your AC unit matched with one of our high efficiency furnaces, so you will have a brand new complete HVAC unit (heating and air conditioning system) all at a price below my costs.

These air conditioners are brand new 2022 factory fresh units – not secondhand models. Each has a full manufacturers’ parts warranty. And, depending on the model, some have 10-year parts and labor warranty – which means you would pay no repair costs for 10 years.

How It Works

We will schedule a time to come to your home and evaluate your current HVAC unit. Then, if we conclude a new system is appropriate, we will determine (based on square footage and availability) the proper unit needed to heat and air condition your home efficiently.

Once we explain the specifics of the unit, installation process, cost, etc. there is absolutely no obligation. If you decide you do not want to take advantage of this special, that’s OK. I will give you a complimentary safety inspection on your entire unit (value $120.00) just for your consideration.

Why Replace Your Unit

Typically, HVAC units in Louisville last about 10-15 years. Maintenance upkeep will allow your unit a longer life span. However, if you are experiencing unexpected repairs (and they are more often), this could be a sign your unit needs to be replaced.

HVAC units keep up with technology and therefore are becoming more and more efficient every year. Efficient units save you significant money on your utility bill each month.

Another consideration is the refrigerant. If your unit is 10 years old or older, it is most likely using R-22 refrigerant. R-22 is obsolete and will not be available very soon – in fact, it is challenging to find it now, which means your unit will need to be replaced in the near future with a newer one.


With a newer, more efficient HVAC unit, I’m confident you will save at least 20% on your cooling and heating costs. If you do not, simply present me your utility bill, and I will pay you double the difference for one year.


Payment plans are available up to 24 months of no payment and no interest (on approved credit).Payments are typically offset by the savings on your utility bill.

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Call or text Allgeier Air, 502-244-9999 to schedule a time to discuss our Rain Forest Humidification System. My team is standing by, so call or text today.

Best regards,
Rick Allgeier