Why Is My Heater Not Working Properly?

Why Is My Heater Not Working Properly? We all know the heat never goes out during a convenient time, right?  It seems like your furnace tends to have issues when its 30 degrees outside and you’re getting ready for a family gathering.

The list below addresses a few reasons why your furnace may not be working properly.

Why Is My Heater Not Working Properly: Lack Of Power

Heater not turning on?

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Check all power sources associated with your furnace or heat pump to make sure they are set properly before starting the system again. If there are no power outages in your area and the breakers are in place, but your furnace won’t turn on, it is best to leave it up to a professional HVAC technician to evaluate further. Give us a call for Furnace Repair.

Poor Maintenance

There could be a number of things happening if you haven’t kept up on furnace maintenance. Often, the issue is the heating system and its components are simply dirty. Keeping up with furnace maintenance is key to a proper operating heater. Regular maintenance will also help keep your monthly energy bill down.

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Pro Tip: To avoid Furnace Repair, call us to tune-up your furnace once a year. In the long run, regular furnace maintenance is a worthy investment since it protects you from the inconvenience of calling for repair, keeps you safe, comfortable and reduces your monthly utility bill.

Why Is My Heater Not Working Properly: Thermostat Issues

Your thermostat “talks” to your furnace or heat pump telling the system to start up or shut down. However, if the thermostat isn’t receiving power, this will not happen. Try resetting the breaker or replacing blown fuses (if applicable).  Also, if the thermostat display is blank, try replacing the batteries.

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In addition, be sure your thermostat is installed on an internal wall away from drafts, heavy lighting, furniture, kitchen equipment, and storage areas.

Verify the thermostat is set to HEAT and AUTO and double-check the programmed temperature settings.

Why Is My Heater Not Working Properly: Air Flow Issues

If your home feels drafty or you have rooms that always feel cold, your heating system may be out of balance. Some parts of your home may receive too much heated air, while others are left frigid. Airflow could be the issue.

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There are a number of reasons for impeded airflow including clogs or leaks in the ductwork, the size of your heating system, damper malfunctions, inadequate or blocked returns.  It is best to call us for a full evaluation and potential Furnace Repair.

Odd Smells and Noises

The first time your furnace runs during the season, it may create a burning smell as it burns off a small amount of dust inside the system. However, if that smell continues, there may be bigger issues and a need for Heater Repair.

In addition, if your furnace or heat pump is louder than normal or you notice new sounds, this is most likely a symptom of other problems.

Contact Us For Heater Repair

Having your system tuned up once a year can help you identify minor issues before they become catastrophic. Plus, it will keep your family safe and healthy.  Our Service Club Membership gives you peace of mind your system will run properly at the times you need it most.

Plus, it will help you avoid repairs down the road.

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Gain peace of mind your holiday gatherings will go as planned. Contact us for a thorough evaluation and inspection to avoid Furnace Repair. Call or text.


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