Mid-Summer AC Replacement Special

We are pleased to announce our Mid-Summer AC Replacement special which includes the following benefits:

Mid-Summer AC Replacement Special: AC Special Benefits

✅6 Months no interest – pay same as cash until 2024.

✅Free 10 yr parts and labor warranty – Most companies only provide 10-year parts warranty allowance.  So be sure to read the small print, if provided.

✅Rebates from $800-$2000 – For a limited time, we have rebates up to $2000.00 and even more for some of our most high efficient systems.

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✅WiFi enabled notifies you of any issues – control your home’s climate from anywhere, even when on vacation.  And with this feature,  you get warnings if your system malfunctions while you are home or away.

✅High efficiency air filtration systems – Our filtration system is efficient, simple and maintenance free. Stop using the overpriced 3M Filtrete that you buy at local retailers.  Our service technicians call these 3M pleated filters “Compressor Killers” because they restrict air flow through your system.  They can cause other problems, as well.  Give us a call and we can tell you about it.

You can stop wondering if it is time to change your filter when you work with us.  We will take care if it by calling and reminding you.

✅Quietest Systems – We have the newest and quietest systems on the market you can find anywhere.

rick allgeier summer special video

President Rick Allgeier explains the Mid-Summer Special here!

A Word About Second Opinions

When researching and getting estimates for a new AC system, it is a good idea to get a second opinion. Especially if you’ve had an AC company tell you your system needs to be replaced.

Give us a call and we’ll come out immediately and give you a complete analysis of your system using our ‘Quality Control Diagnosis Checklist’.  This checklist includes everything necessary to evaluate your system in a thorough and simple manner that is easy to understand.

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Do yourself a favor and doublecheck what you are told by any technician or salesperson.

Mid-Summer AC Replacement Special: AC Repair Or Replacement?  You Have Options

Keep in mind you always have a choice.  You can count on us to present you with every option, so you can make an informed decision.

Here are a few questions to consider when making this decision:

  1. How old is your HVAC system?
  2. Are you having frequent repairs?
  3. Are your energy bills increasing each month?
  4. Do you regularly maintain your HVAC system?
  5. Does your home have humidity issues?
  6. Are some rooms in your home often too cold or hot?
  7. Is your HVAC unit unusually noisy?
  8. Are you comfortable in your home?

Mid-Summer AC Replacement Special: Contact Us

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When you work with Allgeier Air, you can count on us to provide you with the:

  • Best options
  • Best comfort
  • Best efficient cooling systems
  • Best warranty
  • Best guarantees

Give us a call to discuss.


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