The Future to Home Heating & Cooling

Economical, environmentally friendly, Geothermal Heating is the future for heating your home. Yes, it has a high upfront cost (ranging from $20,000 to $40,000) that is tempting to balk at, but it pays off in as little as four years (or 15, depending).

The highness of price is partially due to its relative newness, so there are fewer installers. It saves you 30-60% on your heating costs and 20-50% on cooling. Currently the government is offering Tax Credits to pay for 30% of the entire cost of installing a Geothermal System in your home.

It’s recommended that you do your research before pulling the trigger on one, but if your home is perfect for one, it can be one of the best decisions you can make-not only for your house, but the environment as well.

Geothermal Heating uses the sun’s energy to heat your home during the winter. During the summer, the energy is directed to going back into the ground, making it an even trade. This is done by installing a ground loop underneath the home and putting one or more heat pumps inside.

The ground loop is filled with water and an inert fluid. It’s connected to a pump that moves heat energy in the opposite direction of its natural tendency. The indoor components last around 25 years and the ground loop about 50.

Ground Source Heat Pump is the term used to refer when the sun’s energy comes up from the ground and into the home. The heat pumps functions similarly to a refrigerator in that it transfers heat energy. Ground source heat pumps are remarkably efficient and can produce 3-5x more energy than what it consumed.

EPA has labeled it as an energy efficient, environmentally clean, and cost effective alternative to traditional HVAC installations. These heat pumps don’t burn carbon sources, keeping unnecessary carbon dioxide out of the air.

Due to its all-natural energy transfer, geothermal heating has literally no effect on the environment. If a larger portion of the population used this, the positive impact on the environment would be enormous.

An added bonus is that the pumps are safe from corrosion due to them being stored underneath and within the houses. They are quieter than other maintenance systems and require less maintenance. Geothermal Heating works efficiently and quietly, though it works best in newer homes.

Overall, installing Geothermal Heating in your home is a costly but worthwhile investment. Not only does it pay off, but it is super friendly for the environment. It is advised that you find out from a certified technician if your home is setup for Geothermal Heating before committing

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